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  • Deep Hard N Funky

Our:House presents DEEP HARD ‘N’ FUNKY A MID-WINTER MUSIC FESTIVAL SATURDAY 2ND JULY VIADUCT EVENTS CENTRE New Zealand’s most renowned winter music festival is BACK, returning with one of the most legendary rave experiences in history! You told us you wanted something big… and you’ve got it! DEEP HARD ‘N’ FUNKY on SATURDAY 2ND JULY signals the start of a new era for Deep Hard ‘N’ Funky, shifting to a new venue in the central city – Auckland’s ANZ VIADUCT EVENTS CENTRE. DEEP HARD ‘N’ FUNKY will be spread across THREE FLOORS and FIVE ZONES in the venue, which partygoers can explore until the early morning… DEEP HARD ‘N’ FUNKY has a license until 4 am, meaning you and your crew can party until the early hours! It is set to be night of colossal proportions. If you have never experienced DEEP HARD 'N' FUNKY, you need to now. However, tickets are limited so get in fast! And we’ve got some of the world’s hottest new artists to go with our state of the art production…. Cut Snake Boys heading direct from their US home after an epic set at Coachella! CAKED UP Trap and EDM superstar from Las Vegas mixing up tracks by the world’s biggest artists! Yahtzel One half of Carmada off the back of some huge tracks! Nicky Night Time AKA Nick Van She, the ultimate house head! + SOME OF OUR BIGGEST LOCAL LEGENDS… Jupiter Project & FRIENDS special showcase The Peacekeepers Weird Together Soundsystem Our:House residents TIM PHIN, ULTAN BURKE, Jaycen A'mour, Stack & Piece, Ryan Enzed George FM’s Dan Aux, Aroha, Max Key , Bulletproof and House Party takeover! and many more